MyEnergy’s Design Studio @ SND CYN - Irvine, CA

Here’s a glimpse inside our studio for the design team at MyEnergy. Located in Irvine, CA at the amazing SND CYN Studios, the MyEnergy design team shares space with a handful of Orange County’s best creatives in a 100+ year old Lima Bean Factory in beautiful Southern California.

There’s a lot more inside but you may just have to pay us a visit to see the rest. 

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Old Town Irvine photos courtesy of DissentTheBlog.

Where will your “Path” lead?

I’ve been extremely excited about Path 2. It’s design is simply beautiful from aesthetics through experience and is truly a great way to easily capture and share life’s moments.

One thing that irked me though was the audience I shared these moments with. Unfortunately, the first thing I did when I signed up was try to add everyone I knew. It was the new thing to do at it looked lovely so why not try to experience it with everyone?

Well, eventually I found myself NOT posting for my Path audience but for an extended Facebook or Twitter audience, even though all my Path friends came from those two networks.  I quickly found the only reason I was using it was to enjoy the experience and design but really wasn’t finding much alternate value that Facebook and Twitter aren’t already providing. 

"The smart journal that helps you share life with the ones you love." –

So instead of tossing it away in a folder on my iphone I found a way to keep it on my homescreen. I now use Path as my replacement for text messaging and sharing with the one person I love, my wife.

Often I found myself out and about wanting to share a picture or make a joke, or simply say something that I didn’t want anyone else to see but my wife. I wanted to share pictures of me and our little girl when we went out on Daddy/Daughter dates. I wanted to tell me wife where I was or I simply just wanted to tell her that I love her. Or there were times when I was away on a business trip that my wife wanted to send me videos and picture of our two kids. 

Now this is all possible. My wife and I both have Path account set up and it’s just the two of us. We have a place to document our interaction when we’re not together. It’s logged, dated and we can look through the stream of things we may have missed when not around the other person. We can share those moments missed with each other or with our kids. 

After I thought of using Path in this way, I went back and visited and realized right on their homepage is a commercial expressing this exact notion and I realized I just initially missed the point of Path from the very start. Glad I’m on the right Path now :P 

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Update: Some have expressed that Path 1 was intended for this use, but for me Path 1 didn’t execute on a beautiful and enjoyable experience like Path 2. I now can use Path in a way that feels valuable and enjoyable. 

This week I took a trip to Boston to hang with the MyEnergy crew in our brand new office loft. So rightfully I took a break from photoshop to show off some mad videography skills! Try to hold your tears back. 

And don’t forget, you too could hit the office gong: We Are Hiring! -

Hiring like an applicant

During this attempt to hire I’ve quickly realized there is a need to be just as prompt, devoted and excited about the opportunity to work with applicant just as much as they are to work with you. The opportunity to work with skilled folks, who have something new to bring to the table, should excite you! This excitement should shine through with every interaction you have with the applicant.

Cut off that “upper-hand” you think you need it comes time to negotiate compensation and instead focus solely on the value the person brings. 

Experience-focused design: there’s a difference between being usable and having a good experience. Experience is the gaps between the activities. Works great when we want to improve our users’ complete experiences, in between the specific activities; we can be pro-active about the designs; game-changing innovations are the top priority
Spent today eavesdropping on notes and live feeds from Warm Gun Conference. Thanks to Luke Wroblewski’s conference notes I was able to catch up on some of the key points through a few of the talks I missed (December 2nd 2011).